Journal Articles

To appear, with Philipp Weisser. Asymmetric Differential Object Marking in coordination: A problem for movement-based approaches. Linguistic Inquiry.

2018. Licensing and Differential Object Marking: The view from Neo-Aramaic. Syntax 21(2): 112-159.

2016. The morphosyntax of aspect stacking in Northeastern Neo-Aramaic. Glossa 1(1):49, 1-39.

2015, with Coppe van Urk. Aspect splits without ergativity: Agreement asymmetries in Neo-Aramaic. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 33:659-702.

2014. The syntax of OVS word order in Hixkaryana. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 32:1089-1104.

Other Publications

To appear. Nominal licensing is driven by valued (phi-)features. GLOW Short Report Proceedings. Nordlyd special issue.

To appear. Opacity in agreement. In Agree to Agree: Agreement in the Minimalist Programme. Berlin: Language Science Press.

2018. Complex verbs and wordhood in Turoyo. Heading in the right direction: Linguistic Treats for Lisa Travis.

2018, with Byron Ahn. What's in a (English) reflexive? NELS 48 Proceedings.

2018, with Ümit Atlamaz. Reanalyzing Indo-Iranian “stems”: A case study of Adıyaman Kurmanji. Tu+ 1 Proceedings. UMass Amherst.

2017. Dropping the F-bomb: An argument for valued features as derivational time-bombs. NELS 47 Proceedings.

2015. Morphological reversal in Amadiya as late agreement. WCCFL 33 Poster Proceedings. 

2015, with Lauren Winans, Nina Hyams, and Jessica Rett. Children’s comprehension of syntactically-encoded evidentiality. NELS 45 Proceedings.

2014. Apparent last resort agreement in Senaya ditransitives. NELS 43 Proceedings.

2014, with Coppe van Urk. A novel aspect split in Senaya. CLS 48 Proceedings.

2012. Two last resort phenomena in Senaya (Neo-Aramaic). In Theories of Everything. In Honor of Ed Keenan. UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics.

2012, with Laura McPherson. Structural Person Case Constraint effects in progressives. WCCFL 30 Proceedings.

2012, with Coppe van Urk. Aspect-based agreement reversal in Neo-Aramaic. WCCFL 30 Proceedings.

2012. Hixkaryana: The syntax of Object Verb Subject word order. WCCFL 29 Poster Proceedings.

2012, with Ed Keenan. TP serialization in Malagasy. AFLA 18 Proceedings. 

2009. News about the no-phrase: Specificational pseudoclefts in Malagasy. AFLA 16 Proceedings.

& In Prep

Under revision. Morphology before phonology: A case study of Turoyo (Neo-Aramaic). Submitted to Morphology.

Under review, with András Bárány. Introduction. In Case, agreement, and their interactions: New perspectives on Differential Object Marking. Linguistische Arbeiten, Mouton de Gruyter.  

In prep, with Byron Ahn. Topic: The morphosyntactic structure of English reflexives.

In prep. Topic: Unifying Differential Object Marking and the Person Case Constraint.

Selected Slides & Handouts

2019. Morphology before phonology: A case study of Turoyo (Neo-Aramaic). Handout from a talk presented at LSA 93. New York City.

2018. The ins and outs of allomorphy in Turoyo (Neo-Aramaic). Handout from a talk presented at GLOW 41. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.

2017, with Byron Ahn. What's in a (English) reflexive? Handout from a talk presented at NELS 48. University of Iceland.

2017. Nominal licensing is driven by valued (phi)-features. Slides from a talk at GLOW 40, Leiden University. 

2016. A new model of nominal licensing. Handout from an invited talk given in the Syntax Brown Bag series. New York University.

2016. We just can’t agree about agreement. Handout of slides from a talk given on the panel on prospects for syntactic research over the next decade, at the UCLA Linguistics 50th Anniversary Celebration.

2016. Agreement in three parts: Match, Value, and Vocabulary Insertion. Slides from a talk given at LSA 90. Washington DC. 

2015, with Ümit Atlamaz. Aspects of the Indo-Iranian “stem”. Handout from an invited talk given at Workshop on Aspect. Cornell University.

2015. Two ways to Agree in Neo-Aramaic. Handout from an invited talk given at Stony Brook University.

2011. Hixkaryana and a typology of OVS word order. Handout from a talk given at ALT 9. The University of Hong Kong.


2014. Aspect and argument licensing in Neo-Aramaic. Doctoral Dissertation, UCLA.

2011. Hixkaryana: The derivation of OVS word order. Master’s Thesis, UCLA.